Creating GPX files from a Navig[8]r GPS device

Update: You can find the latest version here.

I own a Navig[8]r Bike GPS (with a model descriptor of ‘NAVBIKE-GPS’). My primary use for it is recording tracks for OpenStreetMap, and it works well enough for my needs: small, fairly accurate, decent battery when recording and a seemingly infinite battery when left in a drawer and forgotten about. It has two problems: first, it doesn’t record altitude on the GPS tracks, which isn’t a big deal for me, and second, you can’t directly save tracks from the “Laser GPS” program bundled with it.

A side note: I lost the original disc, and there was no download listed on my particular product page, but the other sports products seem to use exactly the same software, so you can just download a replacement from, for example, here. (The Navig[8]r products are just barely-rebranded LaserCo ones, and there aren’t any downloads at all on the original site.)

Writing a wholesale replacement or driver seemed overkill, since the software could already access and save the gps tracks on my computer – just not in a useable format. A bit of hunting with Process Monitor and some peeking inside files found them in a file called ‘BridgeMin.dll’ in the install directory. I still don’t know what the name refers to, but it’s actually a password-protected Jet database, which would easily be opened by Access if I knew the password. Continue reading Creating GPX files from a Navig[8]r GPS device