Laser GPS Converter V2 update

Update 2015-10-5: I should have added this some time ago, but I suggest using Thom-x’s improved version now. His program supports devices that include heartrate and elevation data, and has a bunch of other useful changes. You can find it here or in the comments.

Original Post: A while back I wrote a program for my own use to extract recorded gps tracks from a program called ‘Laser GPS’, published by Navigator/Navig[8]r/etc for use with their gps watches, bike computers and so on. The program allows getting the tracks out as GPX files, which is a little more useful than the alternatives that Laser GPS offers. After finding a few problems with the original version I decided I was too lazy to fix them and instead just created a new version. It’s an all-round better one since I’ve learnt a bit more C# since writing the first. Notable changes:

  • Now produces actually-valid GPX files for all 12 months of the year!*
  • No longer has permanently disabled metadata fields, or metadata fields at all
  • Allows exporting multiple tracks to a single GPX file
  • Includes a hastily-written readme file

You can download it here See the note at the beginning about Thom-x’s version. Alternatively, get the code here.

*I made a really stupid mistake where a zero would be left out of the date for some of the first nine months of the year, e.g. 2014-9-23 vs 2014-09-23. Other programs I used the resulting files in didn’t complain about it, and had no problems reading the dates, but it was still technically incorrect.